What is it?
Well, it is a game. And the purpose of the game is to spot 5 differences between 2 pictures. Hey, we all know how that works!

FindItPS2 is a fork of the FindItNix-game, but it is rewritten to run on a lower resolution in order for it to be viewable, fullscreen, running on PS2 Linux.

This, for you, basically means it will be the same game with some cosmetic changes.

For me on the other hand, this means I'll be writing a totally new GUI. (The ipk-library will probably compile and run without any problems I think.) If you have no idea how the 'original' game looks, visit
the FindItNix homepage. I'm using quotes there because FindItNix in its turn is a clone of a Win32 game written by a friend of mine, called FindItXP.

Planned features
  • Perfectly playable on the relatively low resolution of a TV.
  • Nice visible effects by using the specific PS2 hardware, to make playing the game even *more* fun ;)
  • Kewl sound-effects.

    Other planned features of the new IPK library (which contains game-logic):
  • Internet Highscores - play against the whole world!
  • On Demand Level Download - needed to accomplish the above, because everybody needs to play the same levels then. Since everybody has broadband nowadays (and the levels aren't that big anyway) this will be now problem.
  • Off-line play will still be possible, but those high-scores are only kept locally.
  • Difficulty Levels - like Easy, Medium and Hard.

  • Where and when is it available?
    All the required stuff will be in one complete package downloadable from this site. Of course, like the Unix variants, the IPK-library, which contains some stuff the author of FindItXP (the original Windows game) does not want to be public knowledge (think of the way the highscores are crypted and how the ipk-files work), the ipk-library will be available in binary format only. No source code.. Really. Forget about it.

    Whet the Kit is in and I can start developing on it the first packages will start to appear here. If you happen to end up on this page reading this you need to wait for a week or so.

  • A PlayStation 2 + PS2 Linux Kit. If you have a PlayStation 2 and you didn't know you could run linux on it, visit to order your PS2 Linux Kit today! (Note: This site is for Europeans only, but you will see links to your continent.)
  • Nothing more than which is by default installed on your PS2 Linux Box. The game will use the SDL libraries for fullscreen mode and maybe sound.

  • and "PlayStation" are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    "Linux" is a trademark or registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States and other countries.
    "Tux" © 1997 Larry Ewing.