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current version: 1.0.2



This web-page is kind-a obsolete and out-dated. Although the program is still downloadable and may still function, I would like to point you to the reborn version, called QFindIt.

QFindIt is still in development, but you can reach the new page from here. Check back regularly for updates!

YESSS! It is finally here: the long-awaited Linux version of FindItXP - a very popular find- the- difference- game for Windoze, made by a friend of mine. I promised the guy I'd port it (or better: clone it) to Linux, and now I finally did it... If you're familiar with the Windows game, you probably already noticed it almost looks exactly the same. It also *works* exactly the same, so the highscore list is interchangable! In other words: you can have one centralized high-score list somewhere on your network. I can tell you from experience that it will increase the competition about 50 times - depending the size of your company network ;)


Coming soon: FindItPS2 - A rewritten version to be perfectly playable on a TV screen, running on PS2/Linux. This game will of course feature lots the available graphical capabilities of the PS2 hardware. Expect a kewl interface and some great soundeffects.

Another Announcement ;)

The game is entering the 21st century very soon! Okay, you'll need an internet connection while playing the game, but who hasn't got their line open constantly nowadays. "Local Play" will of course still be possible.

  • On-Demand Level downloading!
    No more downloading of all those zipfiles. Gradually, you will have all the files locally, because that's where they will be kept (no need downloading everything again).
  • Internet Highscores
    Increased competition -- play against the whole world!

  • Features

    I will try to sum up some of the greatest features to convince you to definitely download this game ;)
      • High-score list interchangable with that of the Windows game. So whatever OS your booting in (or whatever OS is in your network), you can have one centralized high-score list. I don't know what you think, but I think that's fun! 
      • sh!tload of levels are available (we're talking hundreds if not thousands here)!  I know because I made a lot of 'm.  (btw: you can expect a level-editor for linux at some point, too)
      • ... I knew there was something else ...
    Anyway, it really is a great game which can sometimes be highly addictive. You know what I mean when you're a real FindIt veteran like the rest of us... ;)


    If you are into screenshots, here I got some more for ya. Please note that these are sometimes from development versions.


    Okay here is the deal:
    The guy that originally wrote the Windows-game also invented this .ipk format the game uses. Because he wants the ipk and the highscore format to be a "secret", I tried to solve this by putting all that stuff into a library, which is "plugged in" to the game itself, which *is* available in source-format. This ipk-library is available for the following operating systems: FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux and MacOS X.

    Now that that is out of the way, somewhere below are the links to both the library and the game itself. For convenience I have prepared a pre-compiled .tgz package which you can unpack and install manually without compiling.

    If you're interested, there is some kind of ChangeLog going on right here.

    This package includes the ipk-library and the game itself. The package does not include levels. See below for links to levels. Please note that it's compiled on a Slackware 8.0 system agains Qt-2.3.1.  I'v tried statics, but somehow the compiler freaks, or I'm making some dumb mistake...
    Current version:

    Old versions:
    Release with some major bugfixes and some GUI changes.

    Fully functional version 1.0. As of now, no known bugs. If you find some, please send me an email so I can fix it..
    As always, I released rc1 and soon found time to implement some more stuff and fix some little bugs. You need this one, forget about the one below.

    There is a README file in this package for how to install this game. If you got any problems drop me a line so I can get some kind of FAQ going.
    Okay, I have to admit some of it is a mess ;) - but here are the sources. Note that if you prefer to choose this in stead of the package, you need to download the ipk library (link below).
    Current version:

    Old versions:
    This library is included in the pre-compiled package, and you will only need to download this if you're downloading the source-tarball of the game.
    libipk-1.0.3 for FreeBSD
    libipk-1.0.3 for Solaris
    libipk-1.0.3 for MacOS X
    libipk-1.0.1 for Linux



    When you run the program for the first time, and want to play when there are no files, it fails. You need to enter Settings-dialog and change some directories otherwise it might not find the levels. If you don't and simply hit OK, it has created the following default configuration file (~/.finditrc).
    LastName=Just a nobody

    This tells you where you might want to put the levels, or which items you might want to modify.  ;)


    Here you will find some links to levels and other related sites:
      • FindIt XP - The homepage of the original Windows game.
      • QFindIt - The new, reborn version of FindItNIX. Note that it is still under development.
      • FindIt Level Download Page - Here you can find a loads of levelpacks. Note: Levelpacks need to be extracted into the root of your levels- directory (the program doesn't scan subdirectories).

    (w) H. van Galen, May 26 21:00 2002 CET